How to Cross the Technical-Managerial Divide

Top 10 Reasons Why I Want to Be a Manager: Drum roll please… I can do a better job than that loser before me I’ll have more power over people I have the longest tenure in my group I’ll get more stock and a bigger pay day when my company exits I need a raise to help pay my over Continue Reading ...

Find Your Leadership Voice – Silence is NOT Golden!

“Showing Up” Back in the day when Oracle was a tiny 20,000 person company, I remember attending quarterly all-hands meetings held by our EVP, Randy Baker. Our President, Ray Lane, would attend as a guest speaker at least once a year. These meetings were held at Hotel Sofitel so we could cram 600+ people into the Grand Ballroom and would Continue Reading ...

Win Arguments Without Arguing

“Absolutely Not!” Years ago, I was mentally preparing my defense and counter-attack with a peer (I’ll call her Anna). I was the VP of Services and she was running Sales. In order to win a new customer, she wanted to give away “free Services.” It was a typical negotiation situation where she had her position (e.g. “the company needed the revenue and a new customer) and I had mine (giving ...
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