A 2012 Resolution: Keep Your Enemies Close

“All’s Fair in Love and War.” “Good news!” is what she said to me on the phone. She timed it while I was traveling, so it would be harder for me to react to what I saw as yet another attempt at professional sabotage. Over the years, I had become very suspicious of her because of “honest mistakes” that either hurt me politically, helped her, or both. This one ...

Get Comfortable with Corporate Politics

The Proverbial “Love-Hate” Relationship. Very early in my career, I was a technical support engineer and was pretty good at it. In fact, many colleagues asked me “You’re great with customers. Why aren’t you in Sales?” I would quip “Well, I have to sleep with myself at night.” You see, in my profession, I was dealing with all the problems that badsales people created e.g. wrong expectations about what ...

Don’t Roll Your Sleeves Up Too Far

“I’ll Do Whatever it Takes.” I’ve never been a “not my job” kind of person, whether I was a front-line technical services professional at Oracle or a VP at a billion dollar software company like Business Objects. If the team had a job to do, and if I needed to stretch outside of my basic job description to help get the job done, I’d gladly do it. Moreover, I ...
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