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ExecCatalyst provides real-time coaching for high-tech companies facing inflection points that put business execution at risk. Unlike generic theory oriented approaches, ExecCatalyst services are application focused, incorporating front and back office experience into active work projects, enabling “in-flight engine upgrades.”

ExecCatalyst develops and delivers customized programs and workshops for companies, accelerating productivity gains within teams, departments, and business units in key areas including: Managing/ leading through business transitions – driving focus, productivity, and team cohesiveness through shifts in go-to-market strategy, rapid growth, reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions, and rightsizing.

ExecCatalyst specializes in helping companies become more competitive in their markets by benchmarking the diversity within their workforce and defining strategies, processes and systems that lead to increased corporate performance and returns.

Examples of Customized programs and workshops that have been successfully delivered at both large and small companies:

  • Executive offsite facilitation
  • Cross functional alignment
  • Transform technical experts to leaders
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Team and executive on-boarding
  • Additional programs based on client needs

Examples of recent customer success:

  • Stakeholder analysis and alignment – $40M Cloud commerce company
  • Executive communication – $2B Cloud services company
  • Customer Support Communication Skills – $40M Cloud apps company
  • Executive readiness – $50M Web applications company
  • Post-reorg on-boarding – $1B Web infrastructure company
  • Executive advisory – $5B Enterprise apps company
  • Director to VP promotion – Series-C startup
Market Leaders are our customers

Market Leaders

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