Communications for Customer Success

Improving customer focus, professionalism, and communication are essential in support of SugarCRM’s corporate strategy. Having run successful high-tech businesses, ExecCatalyst helped SugarCRM clearly define our business values and develop skills that turned into great customer interactions.” – Eric Ornas, VP of Customer Success, SugarCRM

Highly Interactive Workshop for Support Professionals

  • Is your company’s success critically dependent on keeping your customers happy?
  • Are your customer’s expectations continually increasing and putting strain on your Support teams?
  • Does your business success depend on renewals from satisfied customers?
  • Do you view your Support team as a “secret weapon” to improve perceptions of your company, products, and services?
“Support is the new Marketing”

With the emergence of Social Media and the continuing shift towards subscription and recurring revenue models, leading high-tech companies are realizing the increasingly critical role of Customer Support. Great support is critical to your customers’ success, and it drives how customers view your company and brand.

Master Positive, Professional Communication

Customer Support is a tough job. But thankfully, there are proven techniques that top Support professionals are using to deliver world-class customer service – even when facing challenging situations like technical issues, user error, and rapid product release cycles which aggravate and frustrate customers. These techniques include:

  • Using empathy to establish rapport and diffuse tension
  • Paraphrasing to show understanding
  • Validating customer emotions and refocusing on problem resolution
  • Using a positive, professional tone to enhance customer confidence

This highly-interactive, customized workshop will enable your team of Support professionals to focus on how professional communication can dramatically enhance the customer experience. They will also benefit from more efficiency instead of getting bogged down in heated customer escalations. Rather than “listen and learn” as with typical instructor led training,they’ll interact as a team, collectively define the elements of great customer interactions, and actively practice techniques according to their real world – as opposed to generic exercises.

This workshop will deliver:
  • Superior customer experience
  • Better call control for productive customer resolution
  • Fewer escalations and frustrated customers
  • More satisfied and productive Support employees
The ExecCatalyst Difference

The Partners at ExecCatalyst™ have years of high-tech Customer Support experience, from the front-lines up to the executive level. Unlike generic, one-size-fits-all alternatives, we work with your Support management team to tailor the content, examples, and exercises and best practices to your organization’s specific needs.