High-Tech Network of Leaders

Develop and Grow Your Next Wave of Executives

  • Too busy running your business and not enough time to mentor your top performers?
  • Need leaders who are fully-prepared for the next “battlefield promotion?”
  • Concerned about losing key talent due to a poorly-defined career advancement plan?
Prepare Your Leaders for “Game Time”

You never know when you’ll need to ask someone to “step up.” And when you do, failure is not an option. Organizational and personnel changes, new initiatives,and other factors force you to appoint and promote key individuals to take on more responsibility – you need to make sure that they’re ready. Provide a smooth and natural transition for your “rock stars” while minimizing risk and disruption to your business.

High-Tech Network of Leaders Program

Customer Support is a tough job. But thankfully, there are proven techniques that top Support professionals are using to deliver world-class customer service – even when facing challenging situations like technical issues, user error, and rapid product release cycles which aggravate and frustrate customers. These techniques include:

  • Power and influence
  • Executive communication
  • Strategic thinking
  • Business acumen

Specifically built for high-tech businesses, the program also includes a “project track” where a proven and experienced executive mentor will work with your employee to develop a Personal Action Plan to manage a high-impact project defined by you and your employee. This businessapplication approach delivers direct and immediate benefit back to the company while expanding their leadership skill set in real-time.

ExecCatalyst’s High-Tech Network of Leaders Program is designed for you to recognize and reward key contributors that pays dividends back to your organization. Unlike a spot bonus or one-time award, this investment demonstrates your long term commitment to their career advancement.

Recognize and Reward Key Contributors

Key Benefits for You and the Company

  • Increased engagement and commitment from your top performers
  • Stronger leadership team – allowing you to offload larger, more complex initiatives
  • More time for you to focus on strategic priorities rather than tactical execution

Key Benefits for Individuals

  • Expanded leadership skills and ability to contribute more to the organization
  • Preparation for sustained success and smooth transition when the need to “step up” arises
The ExecCatalyst Difference

The Partners at ExecCatalyst™ are proven successful high-tech executives with first-hand experience leading strategy and operations for Oracle, Salesforce.com, Siebel Systems and Business Objects, as well as fast-growth startups. Developed specifically for the needs of high-tech professionals, our services are:

  • Application oriented – feedback is delivered such that it can be applied directly to your situation without “bridging the gap” between theory and practice
  • Context-aware – based on deep experience in operational roles from individual contributor to the executive level at tech giants as well as startups
  • Silicon Valley moves fast. ExecCatalyst’s unique retainer model means that expert assistance and feedback is only a phone call away, so you’ll have actionable feedback in minutes or hours, not days